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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Drumbeat for CES 2013 - CES 2012 Disappointments

Is it December already?  It must be, because CES is right around the corner.

Looking back, I'm kinda disappointed.  I really loved the two most hyped products from last year, the Nokia 900, and the Samsung Note.  And they really have underperformed in the market.

The 900 is a real GPS with real emergency response type data in it from Nokia having purchased our friends at Navteq.  It should have been great for business logistics.  But, despite being updated (right), it is just sitting there - as a Windows phone, it is clearly in last place.

And the Note was what I wanted, and what I thought a lot of my associates would want, more convenient than a tablet, works like a phone.  Ended up being neither.  Even with its update as well.

So, what am I about to see, what are WE about to see?  More on that to come.

- Joe Lackow


Steve Lackow said...

Joe, I think the Nokia brand is associated with feature phones and older gen tech not smartphones and that is a problem for them.

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