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Friday, October 21, 2011

New Cellphone Study Finds No Cancer Threat - Or Does It?

In our continuing coverage of this topic, the results of another large Danish study on cellphone use as a carcinogen were published yesterday in the British Medical Journal. The study finds that "there were no increased risks of tumours of the central nervous system".

However, the study focuses on the duration of cellphone subscription, rather than the duration of daily cellphone use, or how many cellphones subjects use (e.g. personal vs. business use).

And as such, the question remains - does regular, heavy use of cellphones cause cancer?

We still don't know.  Which is enough reason to remain concerned until we have a better picture of morbidity and mortality.  And that means, further research is indicated and this is not the be all and end all despite the breadth of this longitudinal, ongoing study.


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