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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Google Nexus 4 Phone - Wheel 1.0 Beta

Hey, Apple is not the only one to try to re-invent the wheel.  Does this phone really have no next gen net support?

Gosh, Google, embrace the android fragsphere already.

This is a good camera, but... NEXUST.

Apple Maps Sent Me To Hell!

You know folks, just because you have a pocket calculator does not mean that you forget how to add 2+2.

Maps and GPS are the same way.  You are not supposed to simply accept what they tell you.

But, there was so much recent controversy over Apple maps ostensibly stranding some poor dumb tourismos in the Aussie outback, that Tim Cook had to write us a letter and heads rolled.

Fortunately, not as a result of the vengeance of native peoples.

Anyway, you are supposed to be able to tell the difference when you
are entering this hell, left; and Hell, Michigan, right.

Courtesy of Google Maps, which is a dumb wheel to reinvent, best to incorporate (and for biz, likely into an ESRI solution).

Also, we have an old saying.  When you are knee deep in crap you don't need a map.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Rick Majerus - Good Man, Great Coach, Late Mac Adopter

We lost Coach this week, and I don't mind telling you, I cried.

I first met Coach in 2004 at a business conference in San Diego, in the hot tub at Le Meridien on Coronado Island- and with the two of us big guys  in there, we pretty much had it to ourselves.  and we talked for hours, and hours, about everything.  I got to learn more about life than I ever had from anybody in that time.

I learned that an explosive first step and a good family gets you to the pros, because that is the easiest way to glimpse talent and to know whether a kid will be coachable.

I learned where to get the best pizza in MY town, in any town.  Rick truly knew food, he was more gourmet than glutton, despite what you've heard.  And he told me, "all the regional styles of pizza you see each have their merit."  Which is really how he saw people.  If he was tough on you, it was because he expected a lot.  He was a no-kidding Jesuit and aimed very, very high at all times.

What I am proud of is, I turned Rick into a PC user.  He knew that other coaches were using PCs, and for a long time, to evaluate talent.  That, Coach could do, and did do, all over the world, Australia, Eastern Europe, he was the first to recruit there.  What he was fascinated by, and why I chose a Macbook for him, was the communications angle, what it could add to how he could reach kids.

He sure reached me.  Told me I was a good guy.  I told him, there is only one You, just like there is one John Wooden, and I learned equally from both of you.  The difference is, Rick was human, and Coach Wooden was like a God.  I could never approach myself to even say "Hi" to him at Pauley, where he was real easy  to find, and still is.  His seat in the new Pauley glows.  If you look real close.

If you are local, or in St. Louis tonight, there is a memorial for Coach Majerus tonight, Friday, December 7, 2012 at 3:30 p.m. at Chaifetz Pavilion on the SLU campus. The funeral service is private, but will be held tomorrow, Saturday, December 8, 2012 at 11:30 a.m in Milwaukee's Church of the Gesu, 1145 West Wisconsin Avenue.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Drumbeat for CES 2013 - CES 2012 Disappointments

Is it December already?  It must be, because CES is right around the corner.

Looking back, I'm kinda disappointed.  I really loved the two most hyped products from last year, the Nokia 900, and the Samsung Note.  And they really have underperformed in the market.

The 900 is a real GPS with real emergency response type data in it from Nokia having purchased our friends at Navteq.  It should have been great for business logistics.  But, despite being updated (right), it is just sitting there - as a Windows phone, it is clearly in last place.

And the Note was what I wanted, and what I thought a lot of my associates would want, more convenient than a tablet, works like a phone.  Ended up being neither.  Even with its update as well.

So, what am I about to see, what are WE about to see?  More on that to come.

- Joe Lackow

Monday, December 3, 2012

Drumbeat for CES 2013: Does Whispercast Signal Mass Adoption of Tablets for Business?

Content is king, we all know that.

But, as tablets reach the mass adoption phase, it is becoming clear that CONSUMING content on a tablet rather than on a PC is king.  RPM primary research shows a strong increase in penetration among business users.  And this Holiday season, the early sales numbers clearly show that tablets are THE hot electronics gift this season.  The question is not whether to get one, the question is now which one to get.

And, the answer to that question will dictate to content providers what platforms to develop on. 

Obviously, iOS has led the way and created the category.  And, we show it is still the overwhelming preference of business users.  But what now?

Kindle Fire appears to be the what now, and is driving both form factors and price points down, down, down.  As in, a startling $159.

At that price point, this is going to be about way more than consuming content, it is going to be a major collaborative tool.

For business.  Welcome to Whispercast, Amazon's attempt to satisfy both user and IT demands (good luck on that one, Jeff).

For IT, we can...