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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Apple Maps Sent Me To Hell!

You know folks, just because you have a pocket calculator does not mean that you forget how to add 2+2.

Maps and GPS are the same way.  You are not supposed to simply accept what they tell you.

But, there was so much recent controversy over Apple maps ostensibly stranding some poor dumb tourismos in the Aussie outback, that Tim Cook had to write us a letter and heads rolled.

Fortunately, not as a result of the vengeance of native peoples.

Anyway, you are supposed to be able to tell the difference when you
are entering this hell, left; and Hell, Michigan, right.

Courtesy of Google Maps, which is a dumb wheel to reinvent, best to incorporate (and for biz, likely into an ESRI solution).

Also, we have an old saying.  When you are knee deep in crap you don't need a map.


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