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Monday, December 3, 2012

Drumbeat for CES 2013: Does Whispercast Signal Mass Adoption of Tablets for Business?

Content is king, we all know that.

But, as tablets reach the mass adoption phase, it is becoming clear that CONSUMING content on a tablet rather than on a PC is king.  RPM primary research shows a strong increase in penetration among business users.  And this Holiday season, the early sales numbers clearly show that tablets are THE hot electronics gift this season.  The question is not whether to get one, the question is now which one to get.

And, the answer to that question will dictate to content providers what platforms to develop on. 

Obviously, iOS has led the way and created the category.  And, we show it is still the overwhelming preference of business users.  But what now?

Kindle Fire appears to be the what now, and is driving both form factors and price points down, down, down.  As in, a startling $159.

At that price point, this is going to be about way more than consuming content, it is going to be a major collaborative tool.

For business.  Welcome to Whispercast, Amazon's attempt to satisfy both user and IT demands (good luck on that one, Jeff).

For IT, we can...


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