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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Drumbeat for 2013 CES: Giant Tablet Invaders from Space

Yes folks, it's that time again, where a young man's (or not so young anymore man's) fancy turns to thoughts of...


While I was enjoying my sabbatical, we have evidently been attacked by giant tablets called "All in Ones".  About time!  We've been enjoying "Donald Rumsfeld Computing" while standing up to our 42 inch Samsung touchscreen for YEARS now.

Of course, the damn thing weighs a ton and cost over $3,000.  This 23 inch Lenovo costs less than $700, and it's the whole thing, all in one.

Well, almost.  As you can see with the Dell here, there is no integrated input device!  We are still stuck with keyboards and mice. 

Not to mention Windows, Icons, Menus and Pointers that are as old as...

a computer.  Want to see what's really happening?  Just walk down the street and notice how truly ubiquitous the smart phone has become.  And how, thanks to leaders and visionaries like ShoDogg and other, that smartphone is about to be thrown onto a touchscreen for which IT will be the input device.  And not just for entertainment. 

Just ask the Donald, Rumsfeld that is.

Joe Lackow and Thomas Ballister contributed to this report.


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